Top 5 Tools to Help You Monitor Your E-commerce Websites’ SEO Progress

Top 5 Tools to Help You Monitor Your E-commerce Websites’ SEO Progress

To succeed in SEO, whether you’re a new or expert SEO specialist, you need the right tools. To help you drive your e-commerce website’s SEO effort to the next level, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO tool to help you:

a)   Monitor Your e-commerce websites progress with SEMRush

SEMRush is a leading competitive SEO analysis tool. Most SEO professionals use this stool for keyword research, website audit and keyword rankings. Specifically, SEMRush helps you to find competitive keywords, link building opportunities, the best keywords to target, conduct an SEO audit and generate SEO reports. However, it’s adapted to SEO professionals, which means any new SEO enthusiast will find trouble using it.

b)   Use Moz Pro to monitor your e-commerce platforms SEO progress

Moz Pro is a keyword explorer tool. It’s a tool that helps you find and prioritize the best keywords to target. It ranks tracking (tracks your position within the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and assists with keyword planning. It links analytics (discovers your link profiles, you backlinks and more), does on-page SEO optimization and helps you organize your pages so that search engine spiders and crawlers can effortlessly navigate your site and rank it. Moz Pro is pretty pricey but guarantees results.

c)    Use SERPS to monitor your e-commerce platforms SEO progress

SERPS is the go-to SEO tool for those who want to run SEO experiments. It’s a web-based SEO tool, which means you would not be compelled to run something extra on your PC. It also avails to you day-to-day keyword rankings to enable you to monitor your SEO progress in real time. On top of that, it automatically updates your SEO metrics, and this allows you to get a fresh look at your SEO progress from your e-commerce website‘s dashboard.

d)   Advanced Web Ranking helps you track your e-commerce websites SEO progress

Advanced Web Ranking helps you know your position in the search engine rankings and gives you helpful tips to boost your rank. It also lets you monitor competitors, check out unlimited keywords and generate branded SEO reports.

e)   Whitespark can help you keep tabs on your e-commerce websites SEO

Whitespark helps you monitor your local SEO. It enables you to keep tabs on local SEO aspects like conversion tracker, citation finder, rank trackers and link prospector.


There is a ton of SEO tools out there, which means this list barely scratches the surface. But, over the years, these tools have been proven to be useful. This is evident by the many positive reviews about them online. With these tools, you will be able to grow your search engine rankings quickly.