5 Primary Reasons Why 8 Out Of 10 E-commerce Websites Fail

5 Primary Reasons Why 8 Out Of 10 E-commerce Websites Fail

Starting an e-commerce business can sound easy, but the logistics involved in creating and running one can be an overwhelming and challenging pursuit. Most people jump into e-commerce thinking that it’s a walk in the park, only to close down within 6 months. The question is; why do 8 out of 10 e-commerce websites fail?

Many e-commerce websites don’t sell the right products

Many e-commerce website owners sell products that prospective customers don’t want. This is why market research is essential before deciding on the product to sell. Market research will enable you to learn about your target audience. Specifically, you’ll learn their pain points and come up with a product that will adequately address those pain points.

Pricing is another reason many e-commerce platforms fail

While the modern day customer gives preference to quality products and excellent customer service and support, the price is just as important. If you’ve been in the e-commerce game for quite some time, you must have seen not-so-good looking e-commerce websites making a lot of sales. It’s because they offer competitive prices. Face it; low prices still motivate most customers.

Starting e-commerce websites without solid marketing plans

Marketing is critical in this day and age of cutthroat competition in the online business environment. An e-commerce website cannot sell itself. Some people just create e-commerce websites and hope that customers will start buying from them. It doesn’t work like that. You must create awareness for your online store for people to buy. Formulating a solid marketing plan that involves social media marketing is essential.

Most e-commerce websites fail because shipping costs are through the roof

Nobody wants to buy a product costing $40 and pay a further $20 to ship. They would rather buy the product from a local brick-and-motor store. If you want to succeed in the e-commerce game, you’d better find ways to lower your shipping costs or offer free shipping. The best way to get low shipping prices is to integrate multi-carrier shipping software with your e-commerce website. Multicarrier shipping software lists various carriers, including their prices, and this helps you choose the most affordable one.

Posting poor quality content on your e-commerce websites

In this day and age where any Smartphone owner can take high-resolution photos, you can’t get away with poor quality product photos. Also, other content types like text and video must be high quality to convince customers to buy.


Other aspects are contributing to e-commerce business failures, including lack of promotions, lack of value proposition, and no calls to action. But the reasons highlighted above contribute the most to e-commerce website failures.