4 Metrics for Measuring Your E-commerce Platforms’ SEO Performance

4 Metrics for Measuring Your E-commerce Platforms’ SEO Performance

Measuring the performance of your SEO campaigns is important to know whether you’re on the right course or drifting away. Measuring performance will let you reevaluate SEO strategies that are not working and put more emphasis on those that are bringing results. The following metrics can help you measure your SEO performance:

Measure your e-commerce website’s SEO performance by looking at your organic search traffic

E-commerce website traffic is the number one metrics most online business people use to measure their SEO performance. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, and Open Web Analytics can help you to track your monthly organic search traffic and let you see how you are performing. You can make smart decisions based on the results.

Measure your e-commerce platforms’ organic revenue.

If you’ve used the right tools to track your organic search traffic, you can easily get access to your organic revenue. The best analytics tool can show you how much money you’ve earned from organic traffic alone. As much as you may want to see upward revenue growth, don’t be discouraged by a report showing some drop in revenue in certain months. However, an unexplained dip in revenue should be a cause to look into it.

You can measure your e-commerce websites SEO performance by checking your bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the percent of site visitors who leave after viewing just one page. These visitors often go back to their search results to find an alternative website. However, a high bounce rate should not be construed as something bad. It may just mean that the visitors have found what they were looking for. But mostly, bounce rate is because your site visitors see something or things that they had not anticipated to see. This may be because you are using the wrong keywords, or your e-commerce website doesn’t look legit. Bounce rate can help you adjust your marketing techniques to ensure you’re targeting the right customers.

Dwell time can help you measure your e-commerce platforms SEO performance

Dwell time is the amount of time visitors spend on your e-commerce web pages. When visitors stay on your web pages longer, it’s an indication that your e-commerce website offers value and that customers can find want they want quickly. And since dwell time is a Google ranking factor, it can increase your search engine rankings. If visitors land on one of your web pages and move to the next quickly, it means that they’re finding trouble locating what they want and you should work on that.
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